Currently under construction after recently removing the bulk of her old shameful writing. 

This website is a place for Michelle to put her writing for all to read.  Most of the stories are unfinished, exercises or drafts that are never meant to be completed but you are welcome to read over them if you wish.

Michelle is always writing about everything and anything but at the moment she finds her focus on two series that she enjoys playing with: Numbers, a set of twelve character studies about growing up, and Synchronicity, a science fiction world she enjoys building and creating.  Their respective pages will give you more information about them.

The writing tab is where all the writing goes uncategorized, which means that pieces that may be found in the other tabs can also be found there including but not limited to: commentary, blogging, and freewrites.

Navigating through the tags or the search bar will allow you to search for all pieces containing that tag throughout the site which means that it’ll reach across multiple series or universes.

Happy reading!

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