Michelle Tran is a young aspiring writer.  She mostly writes short fiction but struggles to actually complete anything.  These days, a lot of her writing energy goes into building a fun and cohesive Dungeons and Dragons world where she serves as her friends’ Dungeon Master.

She hopes to one day finish Numbers, a collection of short stories about different people growing up.  Each story is its own isolated piece but all the characters happen to be friends.

While she doesn’t do a whole lot of genre fiction, she does enjoy playing with her Science Fiction world Synchronicity.  Another collection of short stories (if you can really call them that) about people living in the same city and the way their actions may or may not influence each other.

On her non-writing hours, she studies English at a university, works at her family restaurant as a clumsy waitress, and spends too many hours playing video games.  She’s trying to run more often in order to balance out all those bad habits though.

P.S. It’s weird to write about yourself in third person.

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