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Commentary: Ghosting

I wrote “Ghosting”, originally titled “Static”, when my father was first diagnosed with lung cancer in December of 2013.  I wrote a very short version of it in a day as a way to process this information and the idea of “Numbers” took off from there.  I then spent most of my time working on the other stories in the collection- most of which did not make it into this project. I revisited “Static” when my father passed away a […]

Numbers: Ghosting

This piece is one of the short stories in a collection titled “Numbers” and was used in my senior project for Fiction Writing.  It was also submitted under its original title “Static” into the 2016 USFCA department writing contest for fiction, judged by Naomi J Williams, where it took first place in its category. Ghosting There are several things Kaleb must do to prevent a ghost from following him home.  There must be no mirrors in view of the casket; the […]

Eulogy: Gone, the kind of Gone that means they’re never coming back

There’s a lot of things no one tells you about. Things like, who takes the body away, what day to schedule the funeral, how to pick a casket, what flowers look nicest against mahogany, what should he wear, who to give his things to, what to do with the room, how to cancel his credit cards, how to answer the phone when they ask for him, how to transfer ownership and how much money it’ll all cost. (Don’t worry though, your […]